Bug spotting at Disneyland

19 October 2017

They say Disneyland is home to all creatures great and small and late last week we had a report of a sighting of something quite a bit smaller than the usual.

While on the monorail at the famous park, a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) was seen and photographed by a vigilant New Zealand kiwifruit grower who snapped a photo of it and then, needless to say, double checked all the family belongings and bags before returning home.

This level of vigilance (especially while on holiday) is great to see - KVH congratulates the grower for being so aware of what the BMSB looks like, and for knowing what to do to ensure it didn’t travel back to New Zealand with him. This is an example of how easily one of these bugs could make its way here and what a difference each of one of us can make just by being aware, and taking a few simple steps.

Everyone in the kiwifruit industry has a responsibility to manage biosecurity risks when travelling. To assist, KVH has developed best practice for kiwifruit growers to help reduce biosecurity risk after being overseas (especially if also visiting an orchard or farm); and to explain what growers can expect at border control when arriving back in New Zealand.