Calling all contractors: lets meat and greet

12 October 2020

If you’re a contractor or someone who works on kiwifruit orchards from time to time, we’d love you to join us for some meaty food, a beer, and chat about our plan for better managing biosecurity risk.

We’ve been visiting growing regions over the last few weeks talking to growers about the overall concept of our proposed new Pathway Plan, and now that we’ve had lots of feedback and input from growers we want to talk to contractors about the finer details.

Although the proposal is a new way of thinking about pathway risks, day-to-day orchard operations won’t be all that different, and what we are wanting is to chat with you to ensure we’re on the right track towards having common sense, easy to use, simple, tools and resources in place that support best practice and good biosecurity outcomes.

Your feedback is invaluable. We are listening and making changes as we go, so that we can be certain what we are proposing is fit for purpose, doesn't increase layers of compliance and adds value to growers and the industry, while robustly managing risk.

So, come along, enjoy a drink and some food on us, and let’s all share information about how the proposed plan might look (the event will be casual, with no PowerPoints).

Where: Club Mount, 45 Kawaka Street, Mount Maunganui
When: Wednesday 21 October 2020, 5.30pm – 7.00pm including food and drinks
RSVP: Online