Canker management

18 September 2014

KVH has recently received a number of reports of red exudate appearing, particularly in male vines. Best practice advice is to determine the level of infection in each block by monitoring and recording the number of plants infected and the severity of infection.

If cankers are isolated, such as at the ends of canes or leaders, consider removing them. For cankers that cannot be easily removed, excision or cauterisation may be an option. Note—research has shown cauterisation is less successful at slowing canker spread than total removal.

Growers with more susceptible male varieties should consider their options now to graft some, or all, of their male vines over to another variety in the upcoming November grafting window. It is also important to consider the potential impact on pollination, and plan now to ensure artificial pollen can be procured. Above all else, it is important to have a plan in place to determine how cankers will be managed, and the process that will be followed moving forward.