Changes to the KPCS

28 January 2016

Changes to the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS) have been implemented following consultation with industry nurseries late last year.

Click here for a one-page information sheet.

The updated KPCS documents are now available to all nurseries and growers on the KVH website.

After 1 October 2016 the scheme will be fully implemented and growers will have three options for sourcing kiwifruit rootstock and grafted plants:

  • Purchase KPCS ‘target organism free’ plants – certified for movement between regions;
  • Purchase KPCS ‘within region only’ plants – certified freedom from all target organisms except the common NZ strain of Psa-V and therefore movement is restricted to within the same growing region; and/or
  • Grow plants for their own use – growers may produce up to 1000 plants a year for movement between their own properties within the same Psa-V region.

All nurseries intending to sell/move plants this year need to register with KVH here.