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Check and clean in 60 seconds

Check and clean in 60 seconds

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12 Sep 22 Biosecurity News

Check and clean in 60 seconds

How easy is it to clean your tools before going onto or between orchards?

Dave Robertson, a contractor who regularly works on kiwifruit orchards shows us how quick and easy it is to do in under a minute - watch the video here.

Remember, you have the power to protect your livelihood and should always:

  • Consider the risk from tools, vehicles and machinery, harvest bins, people, and clothing.
  • Ensure everything coming across your boundary is free from soil and plant material
    sanitise highest-risk items.
  • Clean tools at least between rows.

You can cover all this off in your biosecurity plan. We’ve produced an easy to follow 5 step template that helps you complete a plan that manages biosecurity risk on your property, including traceability and record keeping of all movements across your boundary.

Make sure contractors have a biosecurity plan too. Contractors who are part of the Zespri Gap/Compliance Assessment Verification (CAV) will have a biosecurity plan included as part of their CAV requirements, and this will be audited as part of their existing CAV audit. Contractors who are not currently required to hold a Zespri CAV need to complete a Non-CAV Contractors Biosecurity Plan and present it to growers (much as a CAV is currently).


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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