Coming to you. Have a say on better biosecurity plans

23 July 2020

Growers are invited to special presentations in all growing regions about KVH’s proposed new Pathway Management Plan.

Running throughout September, the events will be focused on the proposed new regulation framework to better manage biosecurity risk to the kiwifruit industry. Late last year we asked for feedback on our early, high-level thoughts about specific activities the Plan will help manage, and how it will be put into action. A key driver was to ensure that we have measures in place to prevent the spread of a broad range of biosecurity threats, rather than our current regulation, which is specific to a single organism, Psa.

The feedback we have had so far has been supportive, with growers and industry considering the concept of the Plan a logical and sensible way to manage biosecurity risk going forward, especially if this can be fiscally neutral in terms of grower levy.

Development of the Plan has advanced well and details about the proposal (along with an implementation schedule) will be presented at the roadshows for your input before it is finalised. We encourage you to come along and have your say. View the roadshow schedule here.

More information, including a consultation paper and submission form will also be added to the KVH website soon. We’ll keep you updated about this.

If you have feedback or questions at any stage, please contact KVH by email at [email protected] or by phone at 0800 665 825.