Consultation process for biosecurity funding

30 November 2017

KVH has attended grower roadshows presenting a proposal for future funding of biosecurity activities.

Copies of the roadshow presentation, detailed background information, and helpful frequently asked questions and answers about the proposal, are available on the KVH website. The questions and answers have been put together based on the queries that were raised at roadshow meetings.

KVH has been consulting with growers because the funding mechanisms of KVH were originally established for Psa and are now out of date based on the serious nature of the biosecurity risks we face and the need to be able to immediately respond in the event of an incursion as part of our commitment to working with government under Government Industry Agreements (GIA).

KVH members have already agreed to a biosecurity levy of 1 cent per tray in 2018. But, 1 cent is the maximum rate of the current levy order and it will not be enough to fund the response costs of a serious incursion. The proposal to address this is to increase the ceiling of the levy to 5 cents a tray, so that the KVH Board (in consultation with industry) can activate the full levy to fund future incursions.

The proposal will next be presented to IAC on Friday 8 December.

Based on all the feedback received, KVH will then decide as to whether to formally request an increase to the Minister for Biosecurity, or not.

We welcome your feedback on the proposal, which can be emailed to KVH at [email protected] or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 0800 665 825.