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Consultations on import standards

Consultations on import standards

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Consultations on import standards

KVH continues to advocate strongly on behalf of the industry for strict biosecurity border controls. We back proposed Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) changes to rules for vehicles and sea containers, which will make it harder for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) to make its way across our borders.

MPI is currently consulting on two recently-reviewed Import Health Standards (IHS) – one for the import of vehicles, machinery, and equipment; and the other for the import of sea containers.

Proposed changes include extending the list of countries that have requirements to treat vehicles, machinery and equipment imports before they arrive in New Zealand. At present, 18 countries have pre-treatment requirements. The proposed new list will increase to 33 countries.

All imported cargo related to vehicles will need to be treated offshore, including sea containers. In the past, only uncontainerised cargo required treatment before arrival.

MPI also intends to refine some of the offshore management requirements under the existing import standard for vehicles and has worked with the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to align measures, making it easier for traders and shippers to comply.

KVH will be making submissions on behalf of the kiwifruit industry, supporting increased measures to protect our industry. Growers are also able to make their own submissions.

The consultations run through to Monday 3 June. Click here to read more about proposed changes relating to vehicles, machinery, and equipment. Click here to read more about proposed changes to the import of sea containers.


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