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Coromandel - regional update

Coromandel - regional update

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Coromandel - regional update

Coromandel harvest is now complete and most crops have achieved close to their estimate. Growers have been actively applying copper and Actigard™ post-harvest.

Psa-V symptoms have recently increased, particularly in Hort16A and Gold9 orchards. One of the original Psa-V Gold9 sites is described as 95 percent clear of Psa-V symptoms. This follows an aggressive copper programme.

M33 males in a Gold9 orchard are expressing cane and shoot dieback. However M91 males in the same block appear to be clear of symptoms.

Growers are reporting Gold3 as clear of symptoms, except for those that were grafted onto heavily infected rootstock.

Conversion of Hort16A orchards will continue this winter. Some Hort16A growers whose orchards are not showing symptoms will continue for a 2015 crop.


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