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Coromandel update

Coromandel update

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Coromandel update

A KVH meeting in Coromandel on Tuesday was well-attended by local growers. Psa-V expression in the region has increased significantly over the last month.

The region has experienced a cooler and wetter winter than previous years which is seen as a major contributor to the increased levels of Psa-V.
Some orchards that suffered frost shortly after harvest did not have an opportunity to apply an autumn Actigard™. These orchards are showing considerably more Psa-V than those in the same area who did manage to apply Actigard™.

A number of Hort16A orchards showing increased symptoms are being actively monitored with regular cut-out to remove Psa-V and growers have applied KeyStrepto™. All but one remaining Hort16A orchard are now notch-grafted and growers are looking to remove susceptible male vines following flowering.

Hayward and Green14 in the region are showing few symptoms at this early stage. The Gold3 grafted in 2012 is generally looking good. However, 2013-grafted Gold3 is showing increasing symptoms with a number of orchards cutting out infected areas.

While in the region KVH also visited a Psa-V positive Hort16A Coromandel orchard.

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