Could you spot it?

17 February 2022

The Spotted lanternfly (SLF) is an emerging biosecurity threat to kiwifruit and many other horticultural industries. The pest is hard to control and is a proven invader, capable of flying and hitchhiking on inanimate objects.

Its egg masses are notoriously hard to spot, but this is one of the most likely ways the pest could get into New Zealand. We saw the above image on Twitter yesterday from researchers in the USA who are trying to control spread across Eastern states – would you know it was a SLF egg mass?

Egg masses are usually covered with a smooth tan to grey coloured coating when fresh and then the coating may crack and fall off with age, exposing eggs laid in vertical rows underneath.

More images, video, and information about our work into managing the risk posed by this pest is available on the SLF page of our website here.