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Don't be afraid to report suspect finds

Don't be afraid to report suspect finds

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Don't be afraid to report suspect finds

We understand that reporting a potential biosecurity threat can create anxiety for some growers, who may worry about potential implications or movement controls that may result. The sooner you alert us to anything unusual, the more we can do to help you. Early detection is key to eradication – if we don’t report and miss this window, any one of a number of unwanted pests could establish and be a challenge we have to deal with forever.

KVH has developed ’Kiwifruit’s Most Unwanted’ information and fact sheets, which are available on the KVH website. While these organisms are considered the greatest potential threats to the kiwifruit industry, the next incursion we face could be another damaging pest or disease not yet on our radar. Look out for plants displaying any unusual symptoms and pests not commonly seen.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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