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Dutch kiwifruit grower reaches out for Psa assistance

Dutch kiwifruit grower reaches out for Psa assistance

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Dutch kiwifruit grower reaches out for Psa assistance

The Netherlands’ first kiwifruit grower has reached out to the New Zealand industry for advice in dealing with possible Psa symptoms.

Multi award-winning Dutch businesswoman and horticulturalist Djûke van der Maat grows half a hectare of northern Italian variety Greenlight and Tomori male at her family’s 28-hectare diversified farm in Bunnik, The Netherlands.

Djûke is a participant in this year’s Rabobank Global Farmer Master Class programme alongside grower Trish Jones. When Djûke discovered red exudate and shoot and cane wilt, she contacted Trish and her husband Paul for advice. They provided support and approached KVH and respected growers for additional information and insight.

The affected vines were immediately removed. KVH provided information on copper products and best practice. As the orchard was close to flowering, a low rate copper spray was advised. However implementation of the suggested products is difficult, because of availability and application regulations.

Test results are due back from a laboratory next week. Three weeks prior to discovery of the symptoms, the area had been hit by a severe frost. Temperatures on the site dropped to -7 degrees Celsius. Djûke uses frost pots but it is likely there was a degree of frost damage and some of those New Zealand growers who have been talking to Djuke thought there was a chance the frost could be to blame for the symptoms. Djûke is still hopeful that frost may turn out to be the cause.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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