Fall armyworm surveillance update

27 October 2022

As part of the ongoing work against Fall armyworm (FAW), Better Border Biosecurity (B3) has started a research programme to better understand the survival, distribution, and potential impacts of this moth pest in New Zealand.

More than 200 FAW pheromone traps are being distributed around the country to support the B3 research work.

To support this, farmers and growers are asked to keep a lookout for FAW on their properties over the spring and summer months. Although kiwifruit is not a known host of this pest, kiwifruit growers are also asked to be aware and, on the lookout, (as are all growers making regular checks of their crops).

If you think you may have found FAW you can make a report to the Biosecurity New Zealand hotline (0800 80 99 66) or the KVH team/office (0800 665 825).

There is also a brand new FAW ID sheet out now and available here, put together by B3 and Plant & Food Research, that contains many great images to help find and identify FAW.

Other useful resources:

As mentioned, kiwifruit is not a known host of this pest and so KVH, on behalf of the kiwifruit industry, continues to be an observer to activities in response to FAW detections and surveillance activities, rather than a GIA partner who shares decision-making and costs.