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Field assay systems for Psa trialled

Field assay systems for Psa trialled

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Field assay systems for Psa trialled

KVH staff recently attended a workshop, hosted by Honour McCann (Massey University) and Plant & Food Research to observe the development of a new rapid test for Psa that can be done in the field.

The test uses LAMP technology which is being developed for a number of pathogens and has the potential to deliver a diagnostic result within around 30 minutes in the field.

Workshop participants had the opportunity to use the test in the field on a Psa-affected orchard, to see how quickly and easily results could be produced. This test is not yet commercially available and still requires further development. However, it is good insight into tools that may be available to us in the near future. These tools may have applications for biosecurity surveillance and response.

This workshop illustrated one example of a field diagnostic test, the LAMP assay. However, we are aware that there are several other techniques being developed by other organisations in New Zealand and offshore. A group of scientists also visited Te Puke Plant and Food Research Centre this week to test another field deployable Psa field assay system.


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