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FMD border measures as Bali flights resume

FMD border measures as Bali flights resume

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24 Apr 24 Biosecurity News

FMD border measures as Bali flights resume

Direct flights from Bali resumed in April, and for passengers on those flights, there continues to be enhanced processes on arrival in New Zealand to manage the threat of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) from Indonesia.

Although Indonesia is managing an FMD outbreak and this situation doesn’t significantly raise the risk to New Zealand, Biosecurity New Zealand is reviewing biosecurity settings where required and has taken several steps to boost protections at the border.

All passengers arriving from Bali are currently required to go through footbaths at the arrival gate and face additional risk assessment questioning from officers.

Air New Zealand is also helping ensure travellers coming from Bali are aware of the enhanced biosecurity measures and how they can reduce processing time, such as encouraging travellers to wear closed-toed footwear for their return journey.

Image below: Signage at Auckland International Airport, reminding passengers of biosecurity measures.


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