France Psa-V update

10 July 2014

During the French spring (April/May) Hayward orchards in the Tarn et Garonne area were expressing severe exudate, causing panic amongst some local growers. KVH Director Craig Thompson visited at this time to understand the situation and his report can be found in the July/August Kiwifruit Journal.

An update from Zespri’s Severine Brun in France, reports those growers who applied a consistent and robust protective spray programme over the past few years have reported little or no Psa-V symptoms; and unlike last spring in France, this spring has been kinder to French growers, with temperatures through June being warmer and drier than the 30-year average.

As a result, less Psa-V symptoms have been observed, flower loss is much lower than last year and growers are generally much more positive about the ability to continue growing kiwifruit in a Psa-V environment.

Hort16A continues to be a badly affected variety and those few growers who are still growing it are trying to achieve another harvest.

Gold3 is looking good, with very limited symptoms, mostly noticed in spring (dry canes and/or exudate on a few vines per block).