Fun Fact

18 August 2022

Going native is a great way to rein in invasive species.

Residents in Pennsylvania, USA are planting native plant species to rein in the impacts of Spotted Lanternfly (SLF).

The unwanted pest was first detected in the state in 2014. Residents are supporting local businesses, avoiding overseas shipments (that may bring further unwanted insects) and planting native species to reduce the invasion of SLF by reducing the availability and amount of host plants available to them to feed on.

This is an incredible initiative, in response to accidental introduction of the colourful beast of a pest, which costs Pennsylvania approximately $50 million annually.

SLF is one of Kiwifruit’s Most Unwanted and we don’t want it establishing here. The pest will be a focus of our upcoming Kiwifruit Grower Biosecurity Day, where we’ll be joined virtually by Dr Julie Urban from Pennsylvania State University.