Fun Fact

12 October 2022

As kiwifruit growers will be well aware, there are only a few chemicals that can be used against the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) and the number of treatments available is limited.

This is why producers are choosing traps more and more. The Shindo Trap is relatively new and combines the traditional pheromone attraction with a new vibration one.

Stink bugs use vibrational signals to recognise and locate each other. Entomologist research has worked hard to decode the vibrational language and they’ve found that if reproduced effectively, these traps could attract BMSB toward the source.

KVH works with Zespri, MPI and the wider kiwifruit industry to ensure we are all prepared for BMSB, if it were to arrive and establish here. This includes keeping track of international developments like these traps, running regular simulation exercises, hosting workshops, and developing joint workplans for how we would manage an incursion and long-term response. See more on the BMSB page of the KVH website here.