Fun Fact

11 November 2021

Every Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) egg mass not destroyed could mean up to 50 more of the bugs next season!

In Pennsylvania, where this harmful and unwanted pest has made itself at home, locals have been reminded by state agriculture officials of the importance of vigilance as the bugs begin laying eggs on flat surfaces to overwinter and then hatch in the Northern Hemishphere spring.

“Every SLF not destroyed now is up to 50 more of these invasive, destructive bugs we can expect to hatch next season,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. “We need every Pennsylvanian to hunt for egg masses this fall and winter – or we’re in for a scary spring.”

The SLF is an emerging biosecurity threat to kiwifruit and many other horticultural industries. The pest is hard to control and is a proven invader, capable of flying and hitchhiking on inanimate objects. It could severely impact the kiwifruit industry through the sooty mould left on fruit, which renders the fruit unmarketable.

More information, including images and video, is available on the KVH website.