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Fun Fact

Fun Fact

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13 Apr 23 Biosecurity News

Fun Fact

Bet you’d never have thought we’d have a fun fact about fungus but here you go ….

Chefs in the USA are embracing a corn fungus as a delicacy, with “corn smut” becoming increasingly popular amongst foodies in recent years.

Previously thought of as a pest that ruined crops, the smut or “huitlacoche” as it’s formally known is now embraced for its unique flavour and texture.

Huitlacoche is a type of fungus that infects corn plants and causes a dark, swollen growth on the ears of corn. While it was once seen as a blight on the crop, farmers in Mexico and south-west USA now cultivate it intentionally and chefs in high-end restaurants are incorporating it into their menu as a delicacy, with diners saying it has a savoury, earthy flavour similar to mushrooms, with a hint of corn sweetness.


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