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Fun Fact

Fun Fact

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05 May 23 Grower News

Fun Fact

We talk a lot about plants and plant health, and horticulturalists innovating their growing practices always catches our attention.

We recently came across this tidbit: A New Zealand company is making ice cream from (wait for it) … cauliflower! That’s right, small start-up EatKinda processes surplus New Zealand-grown cauliflower into vegan ice cream.

One of the two co-founders was experimenting with products from her garden as part of creating plant-based recipes (including desserts) and made the discovery that cauliflower worked well. After two years of development and numerous tests, they’ve launched three varieties and are now available in all 77 Hell Pizza stores. The ice cream is described as creamy, not too sweet, and close in taste to normal milk versions.


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