Fun Fact

09 November 2023

Our Trans-Tasman neighbours are testing newly developed suction traps that target winged exotic pests.

The trap is being evaluated for use in border surveillance (before being rolled out nationally across Australia) and draws winged insects out of the air in both indoor and outdoor settings. They’re currently in use at Approved Arrangement (AA) facilities that handle fresh produce, cut flowers and containerised goods.

The trap works by using a motorised fan to suck passing airborne insects down a mesh funnel and into a collection pot.

Since March, entomologists have identified more than 3500 insects from 98 different families caught in these traps. Most are endemic pests which have entered buildings through doors and other openings, however exotic black fungus gnats were recently captured by the trap in Brisbane and further surveillance is being carried out.

Innovation in surveillance and trapping are key to ongoing biosecurity best practice and here at KVH we’re always following such developments to ensure we’re better understanding risk of our most unwanted threats.