Fun Fact

09 December 2021

It was a case of a failed birthday gesture when a homemade card would have been a sweet gift if it didn’t feature real seeds in the decoration.

The Biosecurity New Zealand team at the International Mail Centre in Auckland seized the card in October. The intended recipient received a photo of the card, along with a letter offering treatment, reshipment, or destruction.

Remember, you should always buy seeds from local suppliers. Many seeds purchased online aren’t what they say they are and more importantly do not meet New Zealand’s strict biosecurity rules and could risk introducing a plant disease.

Importing seeds is best left to reputable commercial operators who know what they are doing and are aware of what they must always do to meet the rules (including an import permit; phytosanitary certificate; and post entry quarantine for example).

Biosecurity New Zealand enforce all requirements. Any report of kiwifruit plants grown from unapproved seed imports will be investigated. Please contact the pest and disease hotline on 0800 80 99 66 if you are aware of any unapproved kiwifruit seed imports.