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Get localised weather and disease information

Get localised weather and disease information

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Get localised weather and disease information

With the recent updates to the KVH Weather & Disease Portal, progress is being made on the ability for kiwifruit growers to privately connect their own weather stations.

By privately connecting a weather station to the portal, the data from that station becomes available for use in the various tools, like the Psa-V risk model or chill unit calculator.

This has the potential to localise the output to specific orchards and make the service available to new locations outside the current coverage areas.

There is still more work to do in this space, however we are looking to better understand the range of equipment and are calling out to growers interested in this functionality. If you haven't registered your interest already, please contact [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.


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The KVH portal is now the Zespri Weather & Disease Portal. Access all the weather tools you're familiar with.

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