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Got your biosecurity plan ready?

Got your biosecurity plan ready?

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17 Jan 23 Biosecurity News

Got your biosecurity plan ready?

Your biosecurity plan outlines how you manage your orchard and how you will respond to a pest or disease outbreak. It describes your processes on-orchard and how you are addressing biosecurity risks.

It can be as short, or long, as you need – we’ve created a 5-step guide for you, designed to be used as a template, with tips and suggestions for customising a biosecurity plan that works for your operation and that can be built on over time.

Make sure that as you personalise your own plan, involve all orchard staff and contractors so that everyone becomes engaged with the common goal of keeping your orchard and fruit safe.

You can complete your plan online here, or if you prefer you can use one of our printed documents, which are available on our website here to download or print (please get in touch if you’d prefer we send you a colour printed copy).

Contractors are required to have biosecurity plans too. Those who are part of the Zespri Gap/Compliance Assessment Verification (CAV) will have a biosecurity plan included as part of CAV requirements, and this will be audited. You can see a template CAV biosecurity plan on the KVH website.

If you’re a contractor not currently part of the Zespri CAV, you need to create and complete a biosecurity plan that you can present to growers. KVH has created a useful template, available on the website, which you can type into or print and handwrite. We’ve made this template editable as you may also choose to adapt it to suit your needs, and include other requirements, such as Covid-19 protocols for example.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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