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Grafting? Protect your investment

Grafting? Protect your investment

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Grafting? Protect your investment

A reminder to all growers considering grafting this winter to protect their orchard investments by following good biosecurity rules. These apply whether grafting one plant, one hectare or a whole new development block.

· Select budwood from the cleanest source, or from within your own orchard.

· Budwood can be moved between properties owned by the same legal entity within the same Psa region. Contact KVH for all other movements – permissions may be required.

· KPINs supplying budwood off their orchard must register annually and complete a simple budwood risk management plan.

· Keep records of budwood source and where budwood is used. An orchard map is a good way of meeting GAP requirement.

· All other distributors of budwood, such as packhouses and grafters should check their requirements with KVH. Email [email protected] or phone 0800 665 825.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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