Harvest bin inspections

24 July 2014

Following a recent de-brief, it was revealed KVH audited 100 percent of bins (14,863 bins) in the 2014 harvest season that were supplied to Whangarei, North-West Auckland and Kerikeri from Recovery region packhouses. More than 180 of these bins contained kiwifruit plant material and were returned to the packhouse for cleaning and sanitising. No bins containing plant material were sent to any orchards.

Before sending bins to other containment regions (Wanganui, Coromandel, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay) packhouses were asked to advise KVH, and a 10-20 percent sample of these bins were inspected by KVH auditors along with the packhouse sanitising and inspection systems.

KVH received no complaints from any growers about the cleanliness of the harvest bins delivered to their orchards.