Heavy rain and Psa-V risk

26 June 2014

Right: The KVH Psa-V Risk Model forecasts further heavy rainfall in Opotiki

Continuing wet periods across the country are keeping Psa-V risk elevated. Growers should avoid pruning in wet conditions or when rain is imminent. Ensure all pruning cuts are protected prior to the next rainfall event and tools are sanitised between vines. Pruning staff should be asked to report signs of new Psa-V infection. Monitoring of males, especially in high risk blocks should be undertaken.

Consult the KVH Seasonal Management Guide—Autumn/Winter for best practice information and guidance. Growers unable to access their orchards because of wet ground conditions may consider aerial applications of copper. Address areas where soil drainage is an issue. Stressed vines are likely to be more susceptible to Psa-V.