Identifying male cultivars during flowering

06 November 2014

Males are difficult to identify and the flowering period provides the best opportunity to distinguish between cultivars. Male cultivars vary in susceptibility to Psa-V. Therefore, the ability to identify different male varieties can assist Psa-V management activities.

Diseased males can impact future pollination requirements. More-tolerant male varieties are more likely to provide an ongoing source of pollen within the orchard.

To help growers identify between males, KVH has developed a simple guide including photos, descriptions and leaf characteristics of each variety.

  • Click here to view the KVH Male Cultivar Identification Guide on the KVH website
  • Click here to view a KVH information sheet about male susceptibility to Psa-V

Also, growers wanting to test their males to confirm identify are can contact Tree Lab in Rotorua who process male samples and send them offshore for DNA analysis.