Importance of following budwood requirements

20 August 2020

Budwood movement is still a focus for some at this time. As it poses a high-risk of disease transfer, growers are reminded to follow all KVH requirements if sending, receiving, or transferring budwood between KPINs.

Best practice, if possible, is to source budwood from your own orchard. If this is not possible, be sure to check requirements in the KVH Protocol: budwood and ensure that any budwood movements have traceability records taken and retained.

KVH movement controls vary depending on the Psa status of the orchard, and regions that the budwood is moving into and out of. Requirements include that all suppliers of budwood must register with KVH before the first budwood collection of the year and supply a copy of their Psa-V Risk Management Plan.

Movement of infected material is not permitted, and budwood must not be transferred from a Recovery region to a Containment region (Whangarei) or to an Exclusion region (the South Island or the Far North). If you are unsure of the rules for your situation or have any queries, please contact KVH on 0800 665 825 or email [email protected].

KVH will investigate any reports of budwood movements that do not meet requirements.