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Importance of keeping spray diaries up to date

Importance of keeping spray diaries up to date

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Importance of keeping spray diaries up to date

Under the National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP) growers in all regions are required to apply protective spray products with proven efficacy against Psa-V to their vines.

KVH, in conjunction with Zespri, have analysed grower spray diaries for the 2013–2014 season and it appears a number of orchards have not applied a protective spray product (see graph above). It is possible that some sprays, particularly through the dormant period, have not been entered in the spray diary.

It is important spray diaries are kept up to date and include all sprays applied to an orchard over the entire growing season. KVH will follow up with orchards that don’t appear to be applying protective sprays.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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