Importance of recording spray applications

07 August 2014

Last week the KVH Bulletin (31 July) highlighted a number of orchards throughout New Zealand that had not applied a Psa-V protectant spray during the last growing season.

Spray Diary analysis is currently being carried out by industry; and it’s important to remember there is real value gained from the analysis of spray patterns. However, if all sprays are not recorded, it gives industry an inaccurate picture. Furthermore, in the event of an issue arising from a spray application, an accurate Spray Diary record is an invaluable tool to help identify how and why the issue occurred.

Under the rules of the Zespri Crop Protection Standard (CPS) all applications of agricultural compounds must be recorded in the Spray Diary. This includes applications to the orchard floor and shelter.

Growers should ensure all sprays applied post-harvest are recorded in the Spray Diary, along with all sprays applied to crops going forward.