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12 Oct 22 Biosecurity News

In the news

Detector dogs on the fruit fly case: Two sniffer dogs will search for fruit fly larvae in orchards across South Australia's Riverland, as part of a month-long trial to eradicate the pest. South Australia has long prided itself on its fruit fly-free status, but has been hit by a spate of outbreaks in recent years.

Speaking for the Spotted Lanternfly: New Yorkers have been urged to kill spotted lanternflies on sight, but they’re finding it a tough job because the bugs are so pretty. How can one truly be motivated to take the fight to these guys? Many found a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live skit in the USA informative and hilarious – it’s potential impacts are no laughing matter though … watch here (from 7 min 40 secs).

Why are spotted lanternflies attracted to high-rise office buildings? As the invasive insects continue to swarm the New York area, more and more have been spotted drawn to glass high rises; getting stunned by hitting the glass; and falling to the sidewalk. Entomologists think they may be confusing man-made structures for trees.

More stink bugs could be coming: Another consequence of climate change for growers across the world could really stink. As an example, according to a new study from Washington State University, the changing climate could increase suitable habitat for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in the USA by 70%.


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