Increased fruit fly controls already providing greater protection

18 December 2014

Following a pathway review carried out after last summer’s two Queensland Fruit Fly detections in Whangarei, KVH and HortNZ advocated for changes to the way biosecurity is managed on yachts and cruise ships.

As a result MPI have increased the level of intervention on these pathways and are using detector dogs more frequently. Incoming yachts are now under much closer scrutiny, particularly through the high-risk summer season when the number of yachts entering New Zealand increases. Biosecurity detector dogs are being used for the first time on yachts coming in to Opua and Whangarei.

The use of detector dogs on yachts has already shown its value with dogs detecting fruit that had been deliberately concealed on two yachts this year. Concealed fruit would have been unlikely to have been found without the use of dogs, and is an action that puts New Zealand’s horticulture industry at risk. KVH strongly supports MPI pursuing prosecution for these deliberate actions.

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