Kasumin removed from CPS for 2015 season

03 July 2014

Zespri has removed Kasumin® from the Crop Protection Standard (CPS) for the 2015 season while further research is done to confirm the most effective use pattern. This research is expected to confirm the optimal pre-flowering withholding period for Kasumin® and the number of applications allowed in the pre-flowering period.

Zespri has taken a conservative approach to this Psa management tool in this case, as the suite of Psa-targeted products is considered sufficient to manage Psa this season.

Growers can use up to four applications of KeyStrepto™ on producing and non-producing vines for the 2015 season, though no more than two consecutive applications are allowed without using another Psa-targeted product – e.g. copper.

  • Between 13 June and 31 July 2014, KeyStrepto™ use is permitted with a Justified Approval (JA).
  • A JA is not required from 31 July 2014 until seven days before the first kiwifruit flowers opening (male or female).
  • KeyStrepto™ must not be used during flowering.
  • An alternate Psa control product – e.g. copper – must be used after a maximum of two consecutive KeyStrepto™ applications.

Refer to the KeyStrepto™ User Guide for detailed rules of use. Growers are responsible for ensuring all use conditions are complied with. KVH no longer conducts pre-use audits.

The KeyStrepto™ User Guide and Site Inspection Record are available on The Zespri Canopy and the KVH website.

If you have any queries please contact Gordon Skipage at Zespri.