14 August 2014

As KeyStrepto™ has been granted a limited label claim by ACVM, there is no longer a requirement for KVH to complete auditing prior to KeyStrepto™ application. Meeting the conditions of use for KeyStrepto is 100 percent grower responsibility.

KeyStrepto™ must not be applied within seven days of the first kiwifruit flowers opening (male or female). Open flowers should be kept to an absolute minimum in the sward by mowing and/or applying herbicides if required.

Before applying KeyStrepto™ a Site Inspection Record must be completed by whoever is responsible for the orchard. This Site Inspection Record is available from the KVH website here. KVH is currently reviewing its apporach to random auditing this year.

It’s important the use conditions for KeyStrepto™ are adhered to, as misuse could pose significant risk to the continued use of this valuable tool within the kiwifruit industry.