KeyStrepto out of stock

16 October 2014

Key Industries, the New Zealand supplier of KeyStrepto™ have advised there is currently no stock of KeyStrepto™ available for kiwifruit growers due to demand far exceeding supply. Zespri, KVH and retailers have been working with Key Industries to secure more supply as soon as possible. The shortage is due to offshore production constraints, not transportation.

As a result, it appears unlikely sufficient KeyStrepto™ supplies will be available to the kiwifruit industry before flowering this season.
Growers should re-consider their Psa-V control plan and ensure alternative control products are used.

Alternative Psa-V control products allowed pre-flowering include:

Growers should not consider using Kasumin® as a replacement for KeyStrepto™. Kasumin® has been removed from the Zespri Crop Protection Programme for the 2015 season while further research is done to confirm the most effective use pattern. This work is expected to confirm the optimal pre-flowering withholding period for Kasumin® and the number of applications allowed in the pre-flowering period.