KeyStrepto use - 2014 conditions update

11 September 2014

The current use conditions for KeyStrepto™ require growers to read and comply with the KeyStrepto™ User Guide and complete a Site Inspection Record before application. These will be provided by your retailer at point of sale and will be available on the KVH website here.

From Wednesday 1 October, to allay the concerns of bee keepers and mitigate residues on kiwifruit at harvest, growers will be required to register their intent to spray KeyStrepto™.

This will be done via an online tool which will be accessible from the KVH website, Zespri Canopy and AgFirst’s website. Information about how to access the tool will be provided once confirmed.

AgFirst will conduct random audits on behalf of the industry to ensure use conditions are being met.

Orchards that fail to meet these requirements will be subject to future audits and the normal penalties imposed under Global GAP and the Zespri Crop Protection Standard.