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KeyStrepto use - getting it right

KeyStrepto use - getting it right

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

KeyStrepto use - getting it right

This season’s rules for KeyStrepto™ use are different to previous seasons. However, as in previous seasons, the key focus continues to be ensuring open flowers in the orchard (e.g. sward, shelter, and canopy) are minimised and neighbours must be notified before use.

From 1 October, all growers must register their ‘Intent to Spray’ via the Canopy or KVH websites. Growers may be selected for random audit to ensure they are adhering to the rules set by the ACVM. Audits are conducted in a similar manner to the KVH audits of previous years and will target the same areas of concern. Failure to meet the ACVM conditions of use can have significant impact on:

  • Bees—the bee industry has significant concerns about possible residues in honey products and may reconsider their ongoing role in pollinating kiwifruit.
  • Kiwifruit industry—misuse may result in resistance developing or residues in kiwifruit at the time of harvest resulting in the likely destruction of crop under instruction from MPI.

Orchards which fail the audit are subject to automatic future audits and the normal penalties imposed under GLOBALG.A.P and the Zespri Crop Protection Standard. These penalties can include:

  • Non-compliance being recorded against the Management System Owner (MSO) of the KPIN
  • Financial penalties being imposed of up to 40 cents/tray
  • Suspension/cancellation of GLOBALG.A.P certification – possibly resulting in the inability of supplying fruit for export.

Maintaining a responsible attitude towards KeyStrepto™ use will ensure continuing use of this tool while making sure risks to all industry stakeholders are mitigated.

Read the KeyStrepto™ User Guide Register your intent to spray through the online form here. Note – this form has been improved to allow the selection of all varieties to be sprayed on the same date. Complete and retain a Site Inspection Record.

If you have any queries, please contact Zespri Crop Protection Development Manager, Gordon Skipage on 07 572 7633 or by email.


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