KeyStrepto use on non-producing blocks to 28 February 2015

04 December 2014

KeyStrepto™ is permitted between 15 December and 28 February on non-producing blocks but growers are advised to take extreme caution to avoid any fruit contamination in neighbouring blocks. Non-producing vines are defined as a non-producing block with shelter or barriers with a low risk of spray drift and must not contain any vines with fruit that will be harvested.

Permission to apply KeyStrepto™ on non-producing blocks will only be given to North Island growers to use on discrete blocks where drift is actively managed to ensure excess spray does not leave the block. KeyStrepto™ cannot be used on non-producing blocks between 28 February and 13 June.

  • You need a Justified Approval (JA) to apply KeyStrepto™ to non-producing blocks after 15 December.
  • A Site Inspection Record must be completed before and after each application
  • If using KeyStrepto™ causes residues on fruit on adjacent producing blocks (either on your orchard or a neighbouring orchard), you will be liable for all costs associated with residue testing and recalling product. The affected fruit will not be accepted into Zespri inventory.
  • You can apply up to four applications of KeyStrepto™ per season.
  • Only two consecutive applications of KeyStrepto™ are permitted, then an alternative Psa protectant must be applied to help prevent resistance occurring with Psa bacteria.
  • You do not have to register an ‘Intention to Spray’ on the Canopy or KVH website.
  • Fruit with any level of antibiotic residues will not be accepted into Zespri’s inventory. To reinforce this policy, Zespri has a comprehensive residue testing programme throughout the season, which tests for over 300 different products on every orchards supplying Zespri with fruit.

More information is provided in the KeyStrepto™ User Guide on the Canopy and KVH website.

Use period
Producing vines Non-producing vines
13 June–seven days before flowering (male or female) KeyStrepto™ use allowed without JA KeyStrepto™ use allowed without JA
7 days before flowering (male or female) until the end of flowering No KeyStrepto™ use permitted No KeyStrepto™ use permitted
Post-flowering–28 February No KeyStrepto™ use permitted KeyStrepto™ use allowed with JA
28 February–13 June No KeyStrepto™ use permitted No KeyStrepto™ use permitted