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KeyStrepto User Guide - new conditions of use

KeyStrepto User Guide - new conditions of use

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

KeyStrepto User Guide - new conditions of use

The KeyStrepto™ User Guide has been updated with the new ACVM conditions of use. The updated User Guide and accompanying grower letter to be distributed through retailers is available on the KVH website here.

The key change is from 1 October growers must register their intent to spray KeyStrepto™ on the Zespri Canopy or KVH website and orchards may be subject to random audits. The online function will be available from 1 October. Before 1 October, you do not have to register intent online but all requirements and best practices must be followed. Refer to the KeyStrepto™ User Guide, including a Site Inspection Record.

While some of the conditions of use have changed, the responsibility to minimise nectar-bearing flowers such as buttercup and clover is unchanged from previous years.

Other conditions of use

  • KeyStrepto™ is permitted for use on kiwifruit orchards in the North Island only.
  • A maximum of four applications of KeyStrepto™ can be applied each season from 14 June to one week before the first kiwifruit flower opens on the orchard.
  • To prevent resistance developing, you cannot apply more than two consecutive applications of KeyStrepto™ before applying an alternative registered Psa-V product such as copper and Actigard™.
  • Notify neighbours preferably 48 hours before spraying – but at least 12 hours before.
  • Use AI nozzles and drift-reducing surfactants for early-season spraying.
  • A tank mix of KeyStrepto™ and copper is acceptable on the third application of KeyStrepto™.
  • Ensure open flowers in the sward and shelter are kept to an absolute minimum.

Refer to the KeyStrepto™ User Guide for detailed rules of use. Growers are responsible for ensuring all use conditions are complied with.


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