Kiwifruit Claim outcome

29 June 2018

The High Court has announced a ruling today in the Kiwifruit Claim case.

Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) is focused on the future and working in partnership with government and other groups to improve the biosecurity of the industry.

KVH Chief Executive Stu Hutchings says the organisation does not have a position on the Claim but is supportive of the rights of growers and their entitlement to have taken this legal action.

“The judge has made a ruling and it is now up to the parties involved to determine what their next steps might be.”

“KVH works with everyone involved in the kiwifruit industry. Our priority will be to continue to work collaboratively with the 2,500 kiwifruit growers across the regions to keep unwanted pests and diseases out of our orchards.”

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