Kiwifruit industry Covid-19 resources

03 February 2022

As we all continue to do our best to prepare for the impact of Omicron, here’s a reminder (thanks to NZKGI and their latest newsletter) of industry resources available to all:

  • The NZKGI website has a dedicated Covid-19 section containing information specifically for those in the kiwifruit industry, including on-orchard protocols, FAQs, and useful links.
  • Information relating specifically to pastoral care during this stressful time is also available on the NZKGI website here.
  • There’s a focus on pastoral care in a new Farmstrong article in collaboration with NZKGI featuring Sean Carnachan which you can read here. With 40 years’ experience in the kiwifruit industry, Sean has some clear ideas about what it takes to last the distance and deal with stress, particularly the controllable and the uncontrollable.
  • Speaking of controllable and what you can do now, a business continuity plan is critical to ensure your orchard can continue to operate if you, an employee, or family member contracts Covid-19. HortNZ have a template available to help you develop a plan that suits your property and circumstances to allow family, friends, or neighbours to help you and your operation. Download a copy here.