Kiwifruit industry to sign Operational Agreement for fruit flies

05 May 2016
Next week Kiwifruit Vine Health is expected to sign the Operational Agreement (OA) for fruit flies on behalf of New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry. This will be the first such agreement under the Government Industry Agreements (GIA) partnership and will help to further reduce the impacts of fruit flies to our horticulture sectors. KVH Chief Executive Barry O’Neil explains the benefits of the OA for fruit flies. “Signing the Operational Agreement is a significant milestone that will see GIA Deed signatories working together to help reduce the impacts of fruit fly. “Essentially, the OA sets out the operational requirements for readiness and response activities for the four economically significant species of fruit flies (Queensland Fruit Fly, Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Oriental Fruit Fly and Melon Fruit Fly) and cost-sharing arrangements between Government and affected industries. “Under the OA, KVH and other parties will agree a work plan to improve readiness and response, including reducing costs without reducing effectiveness. “Being the first agreement of its type, it will set the platform for future OAs to be developed for other pests and diseases that can harm our horticultural industries. “Fruit flies are the biggest biosecurity risk to the kiwifruit industry, in terms of both production and market access impacts. We’ve learnt that working together with Government and other affected industries provides a far better outcome during readiness and response activities. Signing the OA ensures joint decision-making and clarifies roles and responsibilities so all parties benefit.”