Kiwifruit represented in Biosecurity Act overhaul

08 August 2019

Workshops involving key stakeholders are currently underway across the country for the review of the Biosecurity Act, which was announced by the Minister for Biosecurity last month.

Our biosecurity system is underpinned by the Biosecurity Act, which provides the legal framework for Biosecurity New Zealand and other organisations to help keep harmful organisms out of the country. It also provides the framework for how we respond, and manage organisms, if any make it into the country.

KVH attended the Tauranga workshop on behalf of the kiwifruit industry last week, to begin working through a number of key topics including the purpose and principles of the Act, pest management, the import health system, funding and Government Industry Agreements (GIA), compensation, and on-farm/orchard biosecurity practices. From here, Biosecurity New Zealand - who are running the workshops and overhaul process – will use information collected at the workshops as part of an initial review of aspects of the Act that need to be addressed quickly, particularly around funding for biosecurity responses, and how decision-making works between government and industry partners. There will be a public consultation process for this initial stage later this year.

There will also be a second, more extensive and longer wave of work looking at issues that impact New Zealand’s environmental, social and cultural outcomes. Public consultation for this will occur in the second half of 2020.

KVH will continue to be involved in the process over time, ensuring kiwifruit growers influence the development of a new Act. Everyone will have a chance to have a say – we’ll provide updates once formal public consultation begins. You can read more about the overhaul and the Minister’s announcement here.