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Kiwivax added to KVH recommended product list

Kiwivax added to KVH recommended product list

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Kiwivax added to KVH recommended product list

Kiwivax™ now holds an ACVM Limited Label claim for Psa control and has been added to the KVH recommended product list.

Kiwivax™ is the result of a joint venture between the Bio-Protection Centre at Lincoln University and Agrimm® Technologies Limited. It is a biological root zone drench containing three Trichoderma strains which have been shown to colonise new kiwifruit roots and then grow with the plant offering a long term systemic response. Effective root colonisation “reduces Psa symptoms in kiwifruit vines by increasing resistance to disease”.

Recommended application timing is through periods of feeder root growth such as spring and autumn.

Product registration was based on results from seedling and potted plant trials and orchard trials are in place to further test efficacy at a commercial level.

Kiwivax is Biogro certified and is included in the Zespri Crop Protection Standard for use through the “bud phase” and “postharvest” periods.

Kiwivax should be incorporated as part of a Psa management programme. Orchard application via flood jet, weed boom spray, fertigation or air-blast sprayer directed to the rootzone at a minimum rate of 200gms/Ha is recommended. Kiwivax can also be applied to nursery seedlings and young plants at the time of planting with a concentrated mix of 200g/100L suggested.

Kiwivax is available through local merchants.


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