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KVDS: a challenge in the kiwifruit world

KVDS: a challenge in the kiwifruit world

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

KVDS: a challenge in the kiwifruit world

This video shares knowledge of Kiwifruit Vine Decline Syndrome (KVDS) in Italy, believed to be associated with the collapse of more than 3000ha of kiwifruit in the country.

KVDS isn’t new and has been observed since 2012, with increasing spread. Zespri and its SunGold partners have a taskforce (who produced the video) in place to investigate and develop tools to help and support growers.

If you’re interested in reading more there is an article about challenging soil conditions and theories on the cause of KVDS in the October/November 2020 Kiwifruit Journal. Also, Dr Sonia Whiteman from Zespri focused on KVDS when she gave a presentation to KiwiNet in December 2020. Her talk detailed what has been learnt so far about vine decline from ongoing research and overseas experience, and current management advice for growers. View her presentation here.


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