KVH assists Northpower with on-orchard hygiene procedures

15 December 2016
Northpower services a large area of the electricity distribution network, including the important Whangarei Exclusion Region. Contractors trim vegetation and dig into the soil on many properties, including within kiwifruit orchards. Northpower has routinely done the right thing; removing vegetation and sterilising equipment between orchards. KVH addressed Northpower contract crews at one of their regular team meetings, and provided an update on practical steps to prevent pests spreading via soil, vegetation or contaminated tools. It also gave KVH the opportunity to increase the contractor’s knowledge of soil-borne pathogens such as the Brazilian wilt disease, Ceratocystis fimbriata, or the potentially harmful Phytophthora pathogens. KVH appreciates the pro-active management and cooperation of Northpower to protect the kiwifruit industry from harmful pests.