KVH submission on proposed changes to quarantine arrangements for imported plant material

10 December 2015

KVH recently made a submission to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on proposed changes to the ‘Post Entry Quarantine Facility Standard for Plants’.
The key changes proposed by MPI include:

  • strengthening the physical requirements such facilities must meet
  • introducing an additional level of quarantine facility (which bridges a gap and enables the standard of facility to better reflect the level of risk involved)
  • introducing additional safeguards

The process for developing the standard has been inclusive of industries, with strong support by GERMAC (the Germplasm Advisory Committee, of which the kiwifruit industry is a member) and guided by a project board made up of MPI, industry and Crown Research Institute representatives.

KVH has supported the proposed changes overall and acknowledged MPI both for the quality of its’ proposal and industry inclusion in development of the proposal.

Click here for a copy of the KVH submission.